Biomagnetism Vitality – Crash course

The study of Biomagnetism Vitality is founded with the purpose of “Teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish”. It is suitable for anyone willing to learn, regardless of age, gender, education, or religion. The unique method of Biomagnetism Vitality is to activate vitality and improve health for oneself and others, reducing reliance on medication. With long-term learning, diligent practice, and application of knowledge to help oneself and others, one can achieve unlimited possibilities. The goal is to pass on the knowledge with legacy, sincerity, and the spirit of promotion, and ensure to carry it forward forever

生物磁能學 – 速成學習班

創立了生物磁能學, 目的是”授人以魚不如授人以漁”, 任何有志學習者, 不分年齡, 不分男女, 不分學歷, 不分宗教, 均適宜學習。生物磁能學獨特的開啟活力的方法, 無論為自己, 為他人, 都能提升活力及健康, 為人們減少依賴藥物。長期學習, 勤加練習, 利用所學, 助人助己, 最終將無限可能, 秉誠傳承, 廣傳所學, 發揚光大。

Biomagnetism was first brought to Hong Kong by Mr. Samuel Sit duly certified by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. With a new mindset strengthen your health.

生物磁能學是一種全新的整體性強身活力法, 首次由Samuel Sit引入香港並由Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran親授為合資格的香港唯一的生物磁能學師.

All topics in brief will be lectured in detail with demonstration.

課程是簡單而全面性, 並會手把手教授基本技術

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