Affiliate Disclaimer for E-Learning

Affiliate Disclaimer for E-learning

  • All information on the course is provided for educational reference, and research purposes.
  • The course is made available to the knowledge of the content providers, and is believed to be competent to the learners;
  • The right of intellectual property and copyright belongs to POSS Health (hereinafter known as Poss Trading International Ltd.), and the relevant content providers.
  • No guarantee for the accuracy of all materials, documents, or tutorial information herein;
  • The schedule of courses are subject to change, cancellation, adjustment, or switching of time;
  • Once enrolled, the applicants agree to the terms and conditions in addition to the Disclaimer.
  • The tutor ensures the duration of each course is completed within the time frame, otherwise an extension is provided.
  • Study of the courses requires the learners to equip with their computers, mobile telephone, or other facilities tends to be necessary.
  • Duration of each class is limited to the webinar service providers. For example, the ZOOM service is restricted to 40-minutes per online session and the availability of internet WIFI service.
  • A reasonable competence in the English language is preferable, or the Chinese language as assistance is provided simultaneously;
  • The commitment to the online course ensures you get the most from the courses. The tutor helps to give full support to the learners to improve the result without lagging;
  • The applicant enquires to approach POSS Health for further information if required;

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