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 Learner Voice___

"我2018年去美國旅行時就聽朋友講過BMP, 知道效果很好, 所以香港一有BMP網上開班課程, 就去報名學習。初期上學覺得好難, 但教材有好多圖像及詳細描述, 老師好詳細講又可隨時去問, 令我順便完成整個課程。"
Hong Kong
Joey L.
"我去報讀磁療, 是因為家人多病痛, 所以一直想Learn to Heal yourself, 已學完Level-I, 現幫我父母以生物磁能治療, 試練多幾次後, 原來磁療也非太難, 因為有教材可照著去練習, 目前我父母一有身體不適, 就要我下班回去幫他們去治療。"
Hong Kong
Natalie C.C.
"最近因冠狀肺炎疫情, 香港人特別注重身體保健, 我已學完全程, 其中有教COVID-19的治療方法, 有機會可以來防身。”
Hong Kong
Kelvin S.
“我從來都不食西藥, 經認識BMP後, 知道BMP是不需吃藥打針就能治療健體的功效, 乘最近無工做, 去學多些強身的治療法, 終身都收益。”
Rosa Z
“課程是以英文為基礎, 幸好可要求中文版的圖文教材, 導師有用中文教導, 好易明白, 但都是要靠自己勤練。”
Hong Kong
Wing Yee
“I am a nurse taking care of the elderly. My employer persuade me to learn Biomagnetic Pair Therapy as an additional skill. Then, I can treat them because most of them are not so healthy.”
Tsuen Wan
Annette E.
“The whole course is online teaching, & what I really like is the professor provides intense Training course, which make the learning really helpful.”
Tsing Yi
“The course is really valuable. I learn all the skills now. I can practice & help my family, friends. The BMP is different from conventional medication. It’s not that easy as it looks like, but I think I can manage with more practice.”
Xian Zhang
“I am from Jiangxi. I graduated from the Chinese university. I found Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is very new, that I have not heard of in China. I like learning the course online and the training practice is helpful. I will share with my friends in China, or promote this therapy in Shanghai.”
Helen L.
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