LifeWave for Pets

Lifewave patches are the most effective way to support your pets well-being naturally.

LifeWave Patches which is non-transdermal, without the use of any medication, and free from any side effects. It triggers to activate the stem cells in the body, using the proprietary and patented form of Phototherapy.


He got diagnosed with kidney challenges, was living on our bed, and got very very skinny. After a short while with stem cell activation light therapy patches, he’s back to his active self and gained weight! “
“My poor fur baby hurt her eye. Bella was so worried. Tulla was panting and trembling and stopped eating. So glad she is better today. X39 came to the rescue!”
This is a testimonial on my female cat Luna, where we decided to neuter her and I used Icewave patches, Aeon and X39 for fast recovery, her scar healed extremely fast in 4 days!
My dog is car sick. We tried everything. Today we tried Aeon Patch! It took two but it's resting comfortably and it's awesome and amazing!
Little Angel recovering after her stroke ... feeling better on X39 patches
My cat with tumor on her face and 7 days later after usiyx39 on her. ~~ Amazing

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