Payment & Refund Policy

Payment Method

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You are suggested to read and agree to the refund & cancellation policy before you excise your discretion. Nevertheless, at a minimum, your cancellation, return, or refund policy should comply with the following:
  • A Cancellation shall file in writing not later than 7-days before the class starts;
  • A 20% retention is charged as Administrative overhead for all refund;
  • The Fee for all related color tutorial materials if shipped is charged consequently;
  • However, if the color tutorial materials are returned in the original package, unopened & undamaged, and deliver to us at your own cost. Then, a 20% retention is charged for a refund;
  • All refund is reimbursable within 30 days after cancellation is acknowledged;
  • No refund if cancellation is informed less than 7 days before the class starts;
  • The registered learners can defer & choose to switch to the next available courses or classes after paid within the validity of the next 3 months;
  • No refund if access the course in any manner including but not limited to late attendance or absence of classes;
  • No refund is offered after class is attempted;
  • There are no refund nor extensions for incompletion of the courses;
  • The onus is on the registered learner to understand and agree without objection against the refund policy as stipulated herein;
  • We bear the full right to execute the policies under the terms & condition at our sole discretion for arbitration if any;

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