Study and Research

Study and Research

The Studies of the effectiveness of Biomagnetism have been and were conducted in the United States and abroad. A therapeutic study of 250 patients supervised by Dr. Raymon Hilu, who is a medical doctor, at his clinic in Malaga, Spain.
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One of the most important studies invited the volunteers to take blood phlebotomy. The before and after Biomagnetic Pair Therapy was witnessed by using a microscope.

This study was performed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran to conduct the therapy. A 60-minute experimental therapy to the volunteer with the immediate outcome. The normalisation of the quality of blood regained to a healthy status. The result was astonished by the witnesses how efficient the therapy is. Dr. Raymond Hilu and his peers of the international medical community and the media was evidenced and documentary filmed.

Further praise for Biomagnetic Pair Therapy was also found in an article written by The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM). 

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