The session is conducted by a certified Therapist. The Bio-magnets are employed to place at specific parts of the body. A kinesiological analysis of the ectopia is detected for the therapist to know where to trigger the pathogen.

The patient lays on the clinic bed comfortably. The therapist will proceed with bioenergetic diagnosis and then apply Bio-magnets in pairs to heal. The whole procedure will take not more than one hour. The patient feels very tranquil.

Often, some will feel minor physical after-healing, but most of the people do not have any significant sequelae. The patient is suggested to inform the therapist of his or her after-healing symptoms, which will overcome in a couple of days.

The treatment will have a promising recovery. But for those who suffered from chronic diseases, it may take a longer period of treatment and follow-up. The certified therapist will provide proper advice after diagnosis.

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